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کلینیک تخصصی درمان کامل لکنت زبان با شیوه ی نوین و موثر

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How does the SpeechEasy Device help people who stutter?
The device uses auditory altered feedback to create the choral effect, or the perception that one is speaking in unison with others. Choral speaking has long been a method used in therapy to increase fluency or decrease stuttering.

How does the SpeechEasy help people who are stuttering?
The device uses altered auditory feedback to create a chorus effect or to understand that one is talking to others. Deafening has long been a method used in therapy to increase fluency or reduce stuttering.

کلینیک تخصصی درمان کامل لکنت زبان با شیوه ی نوین و موثر در جهان

Fluency Enhancer Specifications

Weight: 140 gr.

Height: 10.7 cm

Width: 7.2 cm

Depth: 3.3 cm

Delay Range: 30 to 200 milliseconds with white noise

Frequency Shift Range: +0.4 to -1.2 Octaves

Especially for people with mild stuttering with treatment duration and 3 month device program

Additional descriptions on types of stutterers

Cure Stuttering Cure

Speech Therapist Siavash Ataei in an exclusive interview with Jam Jam Alborz stressed that according to the stuttering law in the field of speech therapists and specialists, it has been around for two years, including the duration of treatment and mental stabilization of speech. Two to three times a week, every half hour, the therapist alone can cure this chronic disorder without family co-operation. , Which progressively worsens with time. A stuttering person The final reading of poetry and song speaks very fluent and stuttering, he is in dealing with people and situations.
Usually the best age is pre-school treatment and my personal recommendation is first to eliminate the environmental stressors in the family, because stuttering seems to require awareness, continuity and change in the family.
Sometimes we find advertisements such as definitive stuttering treatment in a short space of time, that these deceptive advertisements have no scientific basis because each treatment has to have a specific scientific path from scientific presentation to confirmation in reputable communities. Evidence-based treatment and all claimers of definitive treatment are no exception and families should be vigilant in this regard.
A stuttering therapist must have at least five to ten thousand hours of effective and effective treatment with stutterers in order to avoid stuttering in older people. As stated earlier, sustained stuttering requires about two years of stabilization and control, including unrelated beneficiaries who use demonstrative speech therapy and deliver significant costs to their families. They impose and frustrate families with complete stuttering.
What problems have you encountered so far?
Over the past twenty years of stuttering, I have repeatedly seen people using acupuncture, hypnosis, jitter breaking, pigeon eggs, and drug therapy before going to speech therapy and eventually become chronic and aggravated. Symptoms of stuttering have forced referrals to highly skilled speech-language pathologists, including some mistaken beliefs, such as my child becoming frightened and anxious, fear and anxiety can cause speech rather than stuttering in general. Anxiety is not the cause of stuttering disorder, but rather the result of it increasing and intensifying it. Moments of stuttering may increase stuttering or parents point to the inherited stuttering that exists in our relatives, so if your child remains untreated, he or she may say the same in the future. It is a factor and cannot be considered a single cause, so stuttering can also be unique and require exclusive treatment.
Occasionally, clients with dementia who visit my specialist clinic inquire about the therapeutic effects of a device called stuttering and how it works, explaining the various types of stuttering and stuttering devices used throughout this interview. I pay the world:
It is a term for situations where speech signals are changed electronically and as a result the speakers hear their voices differently from normal.
Common forms used to change speech signals are:
1) Hearing Mask: MAF
2) Delay in audio feedback: DAF
3) Frequency Auditory Feedback: FAF
At MAF one does not hear his voice.
At DAF, a person hears his voice with a delay (usually 100 to 1000 milliseconds)
And at the FAF, a person will hear his or her voice at a frequency higher or lower than his or her voice (about 1 to 1.4 octaves) or bass.
The MAF method is less commonly used because of its disapproval, but DAF, FAF, or a combination of the two are most commonly used. Most of these tools include an internal and external signal processor, headphone and microphone, and advanced technology

Bluetooth has also eliminated the need for wires between the processor and the headphones.
These devices are portable, behind the phone and inside the phone.

Fluency Enhancer Specificationsلکنت شکن ورژن 2

Weight: 160 gr.

Height: 10.7 cm

Width: 7.2 cm

Depth: 3.3 cm

Delay Range: 0 to 300 milliseconds with mini echo

Frequency Shift Range: +0.4 to -1.2 Octaves

Specifically for people with moderate stuttering duration of treatment and 3 to 6 month device program

درمان قطعی لکنت زبان

لکنت شکن

Fluency Enhancer Specifications

Weight: 135 gr.

Height: 12.3 cm

Width: 6.1cm

Depth: 1.9cm

Delay Range: 0 to 350 milliseconds with echo

Frequency Shift Range: +0.4 to -1.2 Octaves

Specifically for people with moderate to severe stuttering with treatment duration and 3 to 6 month device program

Additional descriptions on types of stutterers

A collection of Persian visual and spoken consonants with automatic display capability

نرم افزار مصور همخوان

Production disorders are the most common speech disorders, especially in pre-school age. Speech and language pathologists in the treatment of this disorder need a list of words to train and practice different consonants. But since children in this age range are unable to read and have not yet reached the stages of abstract development, repetition and practice verbally make them tired and distracted. Therefore, the congruent visualization software is designed and developed to increase the accuracy and attractiveness of children in therapeutic settings as well as the follow up of treatment by parents at home. The collection consists of 22 Persian consonants and their classified compounds with six vowels. How to arrange and classify words based on the place of appearance of the target phoneme (first, middle, last), syllable number, syllable structure, boundary with other phonemes, and in some cases presenting two consonant clusters or words with more than one target phoneme have been

Specialized in the treatment of speech disorders of adults and children, stroke – cerebral palsy – hearing loss – hearing loss, mental disability and treatment of learning and autism disorders

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